Cream of the Crop - Justamere Tree Farm featured in Boston Globe!

A Sweet SurpriseSeveral months ago, a woman who has been enjoying our maple cream contacted us, eager to get a jar for a friend of hers. She described him as "a real foodie" and insisted that he would absolutely love our maple cream. She certainly was correct! Her friend Adam is manager of the the Artisan cheese and specialty food store Formaggio Kitchen, as well as a Boston Globe correspondent. After getting a taste, Adam wrote up a review of Justamere Tree Farm's Maple Cream in the Globe's Short Orders section. In the review he describes our method for making maple cream taste pure and perfect, and suggests some great ways to enjoy this healthy and delicious treat. Thanks, Adam! Glad you enjoyed the cream!

Cream of the Crop, 5/18/2011, Boston Globe

By Adam Centamore

Maple syrup has long been poured, cooked, and chilled in kitchens and breakfast tables all across New England. Justamere Tree Farm in Worthington offers another way to enjoy this delectable treat. For nearly 20 years, J.P. Welch and his wife, Marian, have been making whipped maple cream ( ½-pound jar for $10; 1-pound jar for $17) by heating maple syrup to 240 degrees, cooling it to 90 degrees, then beating it for almost 20 minutes. The result is a dense, lusciously sweet cream made solely of maple syrup. Perfect as a frosting, on toast, or even stirred into a cup of hot coffee — if you don’t eat all of it straight from the jar with a spoon. Available at farmers’ markets in Amherst, Northampton, Lenox, and Great Barrington, and at