Featured in Berkshire Food Journal!


Marian and J.P. Welch produce one-of-a-kind brooms and artisanal organic maple syrup products at Justamere Tree Farm in Western Massachusetts. Everything they make is beautiful in quality –  the brooms are all handcrafted and they're functional and gorgeous.  Martha Stewart buys them and has documented J.P. working on them on her  show. The maple syrup is made in Justamere's sugar house, and they've  perfected a spread called Maple Cream that's thick, creamy and irresistible.

Attention to detail and commitment to making a quality product is  their number one priority. Marian has even posted a number of recipes on  their site featuring maple syrup, and we highly recommend you take a  look. You can order online or find Marian and J.P. at various farmers  markets throughout the Berkshires in spring, summer and fall. You can  also find them on Facebook. www.justameretreefarm.com

Check out their website for more information on local products.