Meet Marian & JP Welch

Owners & Operators of Justamere Tree Farm


"In all that we do, we seek to manage the forest in a way that sustains it and our future as sugarmakers."

Each container of pure artisanal maple syrup is hand made, honoring centuries old traditions. Produced with 100% renewable energy, solar power and locally harvested trees fuel the evaporator, transforming pure maple sap into rich amber syrup.

Sugaring in New England is the first sign of spring. Clouds of sweet smelling steam billowing up from the sugar houses of the Berkshire Hills, reminiscent of times gone by, is a reminder that the land will produce, if we treat it kindly.

From our trees to your table, we know you will enjoy our full line of all natural maple products, as all of our existing customers have since 1986.