Pickles anyone?


This recipe taste awesome and is a great way to use up those cucumbers when they are growing in the garden beyond control! So here it is and oh so easy.  I always tend to make more than what we can eat at one time, but they keep well in the refrigerator.


4 Medium Sized Organic Cucumbers (more is better)

Several Sprigs of Organic Parsley Chopped

Lots of Organic Dill Chopped

1/2 -1 Cup Chopped Organic Purple Onion


1. Sprinkle Sea Salt all over the cucumbers, herbs and mix in well.

2. Set Cucumbers aside for 2-4 hours or longer.

3. Once wilted, rinse with water over a strainer and squeeze out the water well.

4. Add cucumbers to a bowl and add Apple Cider Vinegar, enough to almost cover cucumbers.

5. Add Justamere's Maple Syrup to Sweeten how you wish.

6. Add Sea Salt and black pepper to taste.