Kombucha with Maple Syrup

I love drinking Kombucha in the dead of winter. We are so needing probiotics in our diet that time of year. Why is a pro biotic-rich fermented drink  good for us, read here.

It's easy to make affordable and delicious kombucha in your very own home.  While there are several methods of brewing kombucha, we've got very basic, hard to mess up recipe here at Justamere.  Best of all, it replaces the traditional Raw Cane Sugar used in kombucha, with a healthier and tastier sweetener--our very own pure maple syrup!


A Kombucha Mother aka SCOBY in a 1/4 c. of kombucha (grab one from a friend who already brews kombucha, or search one out by posting a wanted notice at your local food coop or CSA).
1  Gallon of Water
1- 1/4 Cup  Justamere's Pure Maple Syrup (A or B)
5-7  Tea bags of your choice, and/or your favorite tea herbs. ( I like to add slices of fresh ginger, handful of mint, and lemon balm)


Bring a gallon of water to a boil, and boil for 10 minutes to remove all impurities.  After 10 minutes of boiling, take the water off the heat and pour in Justamere's Pure Maple Syrup into the hot water so that syrup blends into the water.

Next add your tea bags and/or any tea herbs.  Let the tea bags and/or herbs steep in the sweetened water overnight, or until mixture is room temperature.

Remove tea bags and strain out any herbs.  Pour the mixture into a gallon jar and add your "mother" along with the 1/4 c. of original kombucha (apple cider vinegar works too!).

Cover the top of the jar with a clean cloth held tight with a rubber band.  Do not let the liquid touch the cloth (this could induce fruit flies).  Set brewing kombucha in a room temperature cabinet for 3-4 weeks.

You'll notice after the first week that a "daughter" a new scoby, has started to form on top of the brew.  This means you've done it!  After 3-4 weeks remove both the mother and the daughter.  Chill your kombucha, and enjoy!  Don't forget to put your scobies in the fridge with a little bit of their own kombucha to keep them alive, and ready for future use!  Now you've got a scoby for your next brew, along with a "mother" for a friend!

More detailed instructions in my NEW “Taste the Love of Maple” Cookbook! Order here!