Taste the Love of Maple Cookbook

Taste the Love of Maple Cookbook


Written by Marian Welch, the Taste the Love of Maple cookbook offers over 100 recipes that include many different styles of eating – vegetarian, vegan, meat-filled, gluten-free, and glutenous. And yet, there is still a common thread. You will quickly notice that all of the recipes are part of a whole-foods, local (when possible), organic diet made from real, pronounceable ingredients with little to no packaging.

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Enjoy entering Marian's kitchen and using recipes which are easily adapted to different diets. Throughout this book, a symbol is used to indicate gluten-free recipes. Knowing your own preferences in food is a big part of cooking beyond these recipes. Please try substituting ingredients, use your creative senses, and be sure to taste as you go! 

Recipes Included: Baked Donuts – Carrot and Radish Salad – Ginger Evening Sipper – Pistachio Coconut Chocolate Bark – Velvety Maple Yogurt Pie – Fajitas – Cucumber Summer Salad – Blueberry Tumeric Muffins – Broiled Salmon – Walnut Thumbprint Cookies – Coconut Rice Pudding – and more!

“Marian has shaped her life around the trees, and the passion she brings to the kitchen is inspiring. She takes us through the process of transforming sap into precious syrup, and she shows us just how to make the most of this perfect sweetener. If you’re looking for new recipes to nourish you, transform your diet, and sweeten your days, this book is for you.”